Breast Augmentation Can Enlarge Your Bustline

Genetics, the natural aging process and changes in body composition can leave you feeling dissatisfied with the size and appearance of your breasts. These changes might also be associated with changes in breast tissue or skin elasticity after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women living in the Palm Desert, California area who feel this way can turn to the cosmetic surgery services... read more »

Breast Implant Size and Shape Can Be Determined by Your Personal Preference

Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t provide the endowments we’d hoped for in our younger years. For some women, this might mean smaller breast size or a change in breast shape after a significant change in body composition. One way to address an issue like this while boosting your self-esteem is to have a breast augmentation performed at Dr. Natalie Driessen’s Palm Desert,... read more »

Stubborn Fat Deposits After Weight Loss Can Be Improved by Body Contouring

Excess fat in unappealing parts of the body can have a significant adverse effect on your self-esteem. Even if you’ve dedicated yourself to losing weight through diet and exercise, there might still be a few stubborn areas that refuse to respond to your efforts. In some cases, this might also be related to a lack of shape or definition. One... read more »

Breast Lifts Are a Popular Way to Restore the Youthful Look of Your Breasts

As time passes, gravity and the natural processes of aging can cause your breasts to lower and sag. This is even more likely to happen if you’ve undergone a significant change in body composition related to pregnancy, breast feeding or significant weight loss. To address issues like these, your cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Natalie Driessen, often recommends a breast lift in Palm... read more »

Body Contouring Procedure After Massive Weight Loss

Losing a significant amount of weight can be a challenge for anyone. For some people, even after they’ve put in the hard work, they still might have an area that needs to be addressed. After all, not everyone loses weight in the same places in the same way. If you have one or two areas that you would like addressed... read more »

Body Contouring

Every year millions of Americans undertake the challenge of losing weight in hopes of improving their overall health and physical appearance. Unfortunately, not everyone loses weight in the same way or evenly throughout the body. There are times when even after all the hard work is done, you still have a few stubborn fatty deposits that you’d like addressed. In... read more »