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As you age, parts of your body can alter in shape and composition. Changes are even more likely to occur in your breasts if you’ve lost a significant amount of weight resulting from pregnancy or breastfeeding. One way to improve the shape and appearance of your breasts without the use of breast implants is to have your cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Natalie Driessen, perform a breast lift in Palm Desert, California.

The American Association of Plastic Surgeons estimates that each year breast lifts are performed twice as often as breast augmentations. This procedure is designed to raise the height of your breasts by removing excess skin, which causes a general tightening of your natural breast tissue. This renews youthful support and improves the overall shape of each breast.

The incision strategy Dr. Natalie Driessen uses will vary depending on your personal preference, breast shape and the location of your areola. The goal is to minimize the amount of visible scarring once your skin has completely healed.

Depending on your personal preference, she might create incisions around the areola of each breast to adjust its size and location. From there, an incision can be made down from the areola to the base of the breast to remove skin. This will help tighten and lift the breast.

Dr. Natalie Driessen might use a slightly different incision strategy to adjust the areola with a vertical incision down from the breast crease followed by a horizontal incision. This is more likely to be the case if your breasts need a significant amount of lift.

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