Contour TRL™ (Tunable Resurfacing Laser) is a resurfacing laser we use at Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Specialists to gently remove the top layer of skin. The precise depth of the resurfacing treatment will depend on your specific skin type, skin condition and aesthetic goals. Like most resurfacing treatments, this procedure is designed to stimulate new collagen growth, which will improve your skin’s resilience and regenerate healthy new cells for a smoother, younger appearance.

This treatment has proven highly effective for patients looking to lighten or eliminate unwanted lines that start appearing around the mouth and eyes, face, or neck. You can begin seeing significant results after your very first treatment. While general anesthesia is recommended for the deepest resurfacing options, we will do everything we can to make your visit comfortable.

Expected recovery is approximately two weeks, and results will continue to appear as collagen is stimulated over the following four to six months. To learn more about Contour TRL in Palm Desert, California, and to schedule your own appointment at our office, call Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Specialists at 760-773-6616.