BELOTERO BALANCE® is an effective option for patients interested in smoothing and filling folds and lines ran run from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Treatment involves injecting a proprietary gel that smooths out moderate-to-severe nasolabial folds or other etched-in lines and wrinkles around the lips and mouth. As we age, the lines and wrinkles in our face can become deeper, more visible, and more extensive and makeup can only cover so much. With BELOTERO, you can experience results that have been clinically proven to be safe and effective. BELOTERO is quick and straightforward, requiring little to no downtime so you can continue with your day’s busy schedule. The injectable hyaluronic-acid formula completely integrates with your skin immediately, smoothing and improving your skin’s appearance.

Dr. Natalie Driessen is committed to helping you achieve the youthful, attractive image you desire. BELOTERO BALANCE is one more resource you may wish to consider to help you reach your goals. We welcome your questions and invite you to schedule your next consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon today. Call our office to learn more about BELOTERO in Palm Desert, California; we are excited to welcome you to our office!