Breast implant exchange is for our patients who have existing breast implants and need new implants. A woman may need to have breast implants replaced for a variety of reasons or conditions. For example, older implants may have leaked, changed shape, or deflated, resulting in changes to the breast’s shape and size. Other patients may have experienced scar tissue leading to capsular contraction or other problems with the original implant. Some women’s change in body weight or breast position may mean that they want to change the size of their implants.

New breast implants can help you achieve the balanced, youthful look you desire. Dr. Natalie Driessen has years of experience helping our patients reach their goals, and her individualized, thorough approach to cosmetic services ensures you receive the quality care you deserve. When you visit our office for treatment, you are in good hands. If you have been considering a breast implant exchange in Palm Desert, California, we encourage you to contact us. We can help you schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon and answer your questions about treatment. We are eager to help you boost your self-image and confidence with our exceptional services!