We at Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Specialists are thrilled to provide our patients seeking to treat fine lines and deep wrinkles with the RHA® collection in Palm Desert, California. Our skin care specialists can utilize RHA to enhance your skin, and we invite you to call our team 760-773-6616 to plan your upcoming visit and learn more about this innovative treatment.

Resilient hyaluronic acid (RHA) is a recent development in the realm of hyaluronic acid fillers. It can help restore your youthful appearance by making up for the normal drop in hyaluronic acid synthesis that takes place as you age. The RHA line replicates the structure of hyaluronic acid found in your skin through a sophisticated production process, creating a natural substance that imitates organic HA to provide greater structure, volume and hydration to your skin.

At Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Specialists, we offer a variety of fillers of different strengths in the RHA Collection, including:

  • RHA Redensity: The newest filler with FDA approval, made for use around the mouth and lips. Due to its soft nature, our team is able to treat even the smallest lines without adding bulk to the surrounding areas.
  • RHA 2: Formulated to address nasolabial creases and other mild to moderate wrinkles. This stretchy and highly resilient formula allows for natural-looking results.
  • RHA 3: Strong and resilient, this heavier composition is made to smooth over deep creases.
  • RHA 4: As the most powerful formula, this option has the least amount of stretch but is ideal for adding volume to deeper constructions.

Still have questions? Get in touch with our team by calling or stopping by the office to learn more about the RHA collection.