Capsular contracture can arise following breast augmentation. Capsular contracture is the hardening of the capsule, which is the tissue that immediately surrounds the implant. Over time, the capsule continues to harden and may become unsightly and painful. Capsular contracture involves inflammation and/or infection or an unknown process affecting the capsule. Other reasons this condition may arise include trauma to the implant, leaking silicone implants, and the aging capsule in older implants. The standard treatment for capsular contracture involves removing the entire capsule (also known as “capsulectomy”) and exchanging the implant.

To successfully treat capsular contracture, we first remove the implant and the entire capsule and thoroughly cleanse the area. Dr. Natalie Driessen may send a tissue sample to the lab to see if she can determine the specific causes for your capsular contraction. Another treatment for capsular contraction is the use of an acellular dermal matrix (ADM), which can help prevent capsular contracture.

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