Have you undergone breast augmentation and are unsatisfied by your results? Dr. Natalie Driessen is pleased to offer breast augmentation revision treatment services to help you alleviate pain and achieve the beautiful form you desire. If you suffer from poorly positioned implants, asymmetrical breasts, capsular contracture, or other complications, our revision services can correct the problem and restore health, beauty, and form to your breasts.

During your consultation for breast augmentation revision, you will discuss your goals, your concerns, and your unique circumstances with Dr. Natalie Driessen in order to create a personalized treatment plan.

If you are interested in breast augmentation revision in Palm Desert, California, we invite you to schedule your consultation with our experienced and caring plastic surgeon today. We look forward to speaking with you about your goals, answering your questions, and helping you find a solution that is ideal for your needs. Contact our team today!