KYBELLA® is an exciting product designed to help you improve your chin’s profile by treating submental fullness, or “double chins.” Submental fullness is affected by a variety of factors including diet, genetics, lifestyle, and age. While weight loss can decrease a double chin, even very lean individuals may struggle with excess fat around their jawline. This can negatively impact your appearance and make you look older. For people who struggle with stubborn double chins, fortunately there is Kybella.

KYBELLA is an injectable treatment that works to destroy fat cells in the double-chin area. Treatment typically requires 20-30 minutes and is performed in office. After the fat cells have been destroyed, they cannot store fat in the future again. While many patients are pleased with the result following just one treatment, you may require two to four treatments to achieve the results you desire. The number of treatments required will vary person to person. During your consultation, we can discuss your goals with you, as well as answer all of your questions.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Natalie Driessen looks forward to helping you reach your goals and is pleased to be your resource for effective and beautiful cosmetic treatment. Learn more about KYBELLA in Palm Desert, California, as well as our other services by calling today and scheduling your consultation. We look forward to meeting you!