Breast Augmentation Can Enlarge Your Bustline

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Genetics, the natural aging process and changes in body composition can leave you feeling dissatisfied with the size and appearance of your breasts. These changes might also be associated with changes in breast tissue or skin elasticity after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Women living in the Palm Desert, California area who feel this way can turn to the cosmetic surgery services offered by Dr. Natalie Driessen. After performing a comprehensive examination to assess the related factors she can help you understand your treatment options.

In some of these cases, she might recommend a breast augmentation to increase the volume of your breasts. This might also include performing a minor breast lift to also address the profile of your bust line.

Your overall figure, current body composition and personal goals will all factor into the size and shape of breast implant that she recommends. This could involve the placement of an artificial implant or a fat transfer augmentation. Choosing the right option will both compliment your figure as well as boost your self-image.

If you are a woman living in the area surrounding Palm Desert, California, and you are unhappy with the size, shape or appearance of your breasts, we invite you to call (760) 773-6616 to set up a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Natalie Driessen.