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Every year millions of Americans undertake the challenge of losing weight in hopes of improving their overall health and physical appearance. Unfortunately, not everyone loses weight in the same way or evenly throughout the body. There are times when even after all the hard work is done, you still have a few stubborn fatty deposits that you’d like addressed.

In a case like this Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Specialists often recommends a body contouring procedure to give you the body shape that reflects your hard work.

Your personal preferences and the amount of weight your lost will determine the degree of body contouring your cosmetic surgeon recommends.

Some patients prefer to have a body contouring procedure performed in conjunction with another procedure like a breast lift to adjust breasts that might have changed in shape as your body fat composition has changed. This could also include body lift to address sagging skin in areas like the abdomen or buttocks.

Many people interested in body contouring might also be interested in having an arm or thigh lift to correct additional areas with sagging skin. These can also be areas where stubborn fat deposits linger, so it might also include some minor liposuction or liposculpture to improve the overall shape of arms and legs.

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