You Can Diminish the Appearance of Dark Spots with a Skin Brightening Cream

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Over time, unprotected sun exposure and the natural processes of aging can cause dark spots appear on your face, hands, shoulders, and other visible parts of the body. This is a result of the process of hyperpigmentation, where excess melanin forms dark pigmentation spots that saturate your skin. These dark spots tend to form slowly and progressively, causing them to be deeply embedded in the skin.

You can often diminish the appearance of these dark spot by using one of the skin brightening creams available at Dr. Natalie Driessen’s clinic. While some of these creams use consumer strength ingredients, a few of them might require a prescription.

Many of these creams use a glycolic acid base, retinol or prescription strength Retin-A to reduce the appearance of dark spots and encourage your body’s natural exfoliation. This serves to refresh and replenish old skin cells. Not only does this mitigate dark spots, but it also helps keep your skin looking youthful and lustrous.

Further exfoliation by having Dr. Natalie Driessen perform a microdermabrasion procedure can also improve a skin brightening cream’s effectiveness.

If you have dark spots on your face, hands or other areas on your body, you should call Dr. Natalie Driessen’s clinic in Palm Desert, California at 760-773-6616 to see if a skin brightening cream is right for you.