An Unappealing Mole Can Be Professionally Removed

A mole is essentially a minor dermal abnormality. They develop on your skin based on your genetics, and they can change in size and shape depending on certain environmental factors. This could include unprotected sun exposure, dermal health, and other factors. It’s also not unheard of for new moles to develop as you age. Sometimes a mole that develops on... read more »

Special Skin Care Advice After Mole Removal

An unappealing mole on a visible area of your body can significantly hamper your self-esteem and even have ramifications in your social life. Fortunately, Dr. Natalie Driessen can remove most nonmalignant moles. In most cases, it can even be done in a single outpatient appointment. Some small moles residing in the shallow layers of the dermis can be shaved away and... read more »