Cosmetic Laser Therapy Can Help Address Wrinkles and Dermal Defects

The natural aging process affects various parts of your body in different ways. Time, diet and sun exposure can gradually start to cause the skin on your face and neck to sag while various dermal defects start to appear. As these cosmetic imperfections continue to develop they can leave you looking older than you truly are.   If you are... read more »

A Dermal Filler Injection Can Help Accentuate a Faded Facial Feature

The structures and characteristics of the human face can start to change and fade with aging. This can sometimes be associated with changes in body composition, medical conditions, genetics, or the reduced collagen production associated with skin aging. If you are not happy with the sallow or faded appearance of one or more of your facial features, you should consider... read more »

Dermal Fillers Can Be Injected to Accentuate Certain Facial Features

As you age, the skin on your face naturally loses some of its elasticity. Combined with decreased exfoliation of your epithelial cells, this process of skin aging can cause fine lines and wrinkles to form. Some people will also have certain facial features take on a sallow appearance. One minimally invasive way to address a problem like this is to... read more »

Retin-A Skin Cream Requires a Prescription

Retinol-based skin cream is a common option most people use to try and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles associated with skin aging. This mild exfoliating agent encourages older skin cells to be replenished by younger ones. At the same time, it also stimulates a modest amount of collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis. To deal with... read more »

An Abdominoplasty Can Help Improve Cosmetic Issues After Major Weight Loss

Losing a healthy amount of weight is almost always worth the effort in terms of health benefits. It can also improve your outward appearance. Some people who experience a significant amount of weight loss find that there is excess abdominal skin that simply doesn’t match their self-image or reflect their efforts. In a situation like this, you might be interested... read more »

Exfoliation Stimulation Is Essential for Rejuvenating Youthful Skin

The natural effects of skin aging can cause the skin on your face to sag, wrinkle, and form lines. Exfoliation is the process where your old skin cells are shed and replaced by younger, healthy ones. As this happens, collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis is also stimulated. As you age, exfoliation and collagen production slow. Here... read more »

Exfoliation is Critical for Healthy Skin

Your skin is naturally designed to replenish old epithelial cells through the process of exfoliation. When this happens the old skin cells are shed and replaced by vigorous new cells that develop from the deeper layers of the dermis. However, as you age your skin’s ability to exfoliate naturally starts to slow. As this happens you will also experience a... read more »