A Laser Resurfacing Treatment Can Reduce the Visible Impact of a Minor Scar

Sometimes minor scrapes, cuts, burns, and lacerations can still affect the skin’s appearance, long after the initial wound has healed. This can be especially disconcerting if a scar appears on a highly visible part of your body like the hands, face, or shoulders. If a noticeable scar is having a significant negative impact on your self-image, you should consider setting... read more »

A Scar Can Be Dulled by Dermabrasion or Laser Resurfacing

Scars are essentially dermal abnormalities that occur as the skin heals from a burn or other type of injury. If a scar forms on your face or another visible part of your body, it can have a significant impact on your self-esteem. The height, size, age and severity of a scar will determine the remediation method that Dr. Natalie Driessen recommends.... read more »