Treatment for breast cancer involves the removal of cancerous tissue. When regions of breast tissue are removed by a surgeon, this is referred to as a lumpectomy. Lumpectomy is a necessary part of treatment, but results in a loss of breast volume and can mean smaller, uneven breasts for the patient. Dr. Natalie Driessen is pleased to provide straightforward treatment for lumpectomy in the form of fat grafting.

Fat grafting is safe and effective. With fat grafting, there is no synthetic material for your body to accommodate, and recovery is often more rapid than with other filler materials. Fat grafting involves the removal of fat from a donor site, such as your hips, tummy, or thighs. Next, the fat is purified and processed. Dr. Natalie Driessen then carefully injects the fat into the target site slowly and precisely. Injecting the fat too quickly or in too great of volume can overwhelm the area and lead to poor results. Your body will recognize your fat cells and incorporate them into the surrounding matrix, naturally increasing the area’s size.

Fat grafting is a powerful tool to help women suffering from breast cancer to maintain beautiful, natural-looking breasts. Dr. Natalie Driessen is committed to helping you reach your goals and maintain optimal health. Please schedule your consultation today to learn more about our services. Our board-certified plastic surgeon is pleased to be your resource for comprehensive services, including fat grafting for lumpectomy in Palm Desert, California!