Have you or someone you love undergone mastectomy, planning to undergo a mastectomy, or have been diagnosed with breast cancer? Breast reconstruction is an effective service to restore a breast following mastectomy or other surgical procedures. The purpose of breast reconstruction is to give a woman shape, size, and volume of the breast. There are many types of breast reconstruction options available. Dr. Natalie Driessen has extensive training in breast reconstruction procedures, and she is dedicated to helping you achieve the aesthetic results you desire and deserve to restore your figure. She is extremely passionate about breast reconstruction and caring for breast cancer patients. Our plastic surgeon will help you determine which breast reconstruction option is best for you.

Breast reconstruction can help you not only recover a more balanced and natural-looking figure, but can also significantly improve your self-esteem, self-image, and confidence. Dr. Natalie Driessen wants to help you achieve the quality of life you deserve, and our services are designed with your needs and goals in mind. We invite you to call our team today to schedule a consultation for breast reconstruction in Palm Desert, California. We look forward to meeting you and visiting with you about your goals!