Fat grafting is a popular way to improve the shape and volume of the breasts following treatment for breast cancer. After mastectomy, tissue is often thin and needs to be supplemented with fat grafting to help enhance the natural form of the breast.

Fat grafting is used widely in various plastic surgery services because of its effectiveness in generating desirable results. Fat grafting can be used with or without breast implants to improve the breast volume and to restore natural shape to the breasts following mastectomy or lumpectomy. The fat is removed from the donor area, and Dr. Natalie Driessen uses a specialized technique called REVOLVE™ to process the fat. This system enables her to achieve the best possible results for fat grafting. Donor sites often include tummy, thighs, love handles, or hips. After the fat has been processed and purified, it is injected using a precise instrument referred to as a cannula. Fat transfer is safe and effective; your body recognizes your own fat cells and naturally incorporates them into the surrounding tissue, resulting in greater volume and contouring to that area.

Following breast reconstruction surgery utilizing fat grafting technique, patients are encouraged to rest and allow the donor site and the injected regions to fully heal. Dr. Natalie Driessen is happy to answer your questions regarding fat grafting breast reconstruction in Palm Desert, California; please call us today.