Modern treatment for breast cancer typically involves the removal of part or all of the breast tissue. Dr. Natalie Driessen recognizes the difficulties many women face as they undergo treatment, and is pleased to offer comprehensive and effective breast reconstruction services. There are a variety of options available to help you restore your image following breast cancer treatment:

• Traditional Post-Surgical Breast Reconstruction: The traditional form of reconstruction involves the placement of tissue expanders into the breast during or immediately following mastectomy surgery. Over the following months, saline injections into these expanders gradually stretch the chest and breast tissue to make room for implants, which are added later in another surgery.
• One-Stage Breast Reconstruction: This innovative option involves the placement of implants and an internal support matrix at the time of mastectomy. One-stage reconstruction can help women avoid multiple surgeries and means that the patient wakes up to intact, natural-looking breasts. Other treatments can be performed later to reconstruct the areola or nipple.
• Post-Surgical Breast Revision & Reconstruction: Our plastic surgeon is pleased to offer services to enhance and improve the results women have experienced with other breast reconstruction treatments if they are unsatisfied with the results. If you have scars, breast asymmetry, or other problems, we can help. We can also provide other post-surgery services to enhance the breasts’ appearance.

Modern breast reconstruction has helped women worldwide experience improved health and self-image following treatment for breast surgery. Specifically, Dr. Natalie Driessen is pleased to be your resource for quality breast reconstruction. Whatever your specific needs and goals, we look forward to accommodating you and helping you achieve the image you desire. Call today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about breast cancer reconstruction in Palm Desert, California!