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Certain athletic activities and contact sports can cause minor ear injuries. Excess contact with the outer structures of the ear can cause scarring, cartilage damage and physical complications from hematomas.

If you or a member of your family is dealing with an outer ear injury or a physical deformation of an ear, you should contact our plastic surgeon, Dr. Natalie Driessen to learn about your treatment options. In some of these cases, the doctor might be able to address the physical, structural issues and cosmetic issues of the outer ear with otoplasty. This outpatient surgery typically requires full sedation. Afterward, someone will need to drive you home while the sedative wears off. Our plastic surgeon and her staff will provide you with any necessary aftercare considerations to help the treated ear to heal quickly. You may also be given a prescription for pain medication and it should be taken as directed by the doctor. You will need to follow all of your aftercare instructions to make sure that you heal properly.

If you are in the Palm Desert, California, area and you have structural or cosmetic issues with one or both of your ears, you should call (760) 773-6616 to set up an otoplasty consultation at Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Specialists.