DIEP flap breast reconstruction involves the restoration of a breast’s shape and volume with abdominal fat. The DIEP flap is particularly effective for one-sided (unilateral) reconstruction because it can be customized to match the non-treated breast excellently. Some advantages of DIEP flap reconstruction include the fact that it involves your own fat, meaning that you get a tummy tuck at the same time and there is no issue about biocompatibility. In addition, it results in a natural-feeling breast. Keep in mind, however, that the DIEP flap reconstruction:

• Is optimal for one-sided reconstruction.
• Has a longer operating time than implant reconstruction; DIEP flap involves five hours in surgery while implants require only one hour.
• Involves surgery in more than one place on your body. If you are anxious about undergoing operation, DIEP flap may not be for you.
• Has a longer recovery time than implant-based restorations.

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