A Breast Augmentation Revision Can Provide You With Your Desired Bustline

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Many women choose breast augmentation to help address their breast size and profile for a variety of reasons. It could be related to changes in the bustline after pregnancy, breastfeeding or a significant change in body composition. At the same time, some women choose breast augmentation to boost their natural endowments.

However, not all breast augmentation procedures achieve the desired results. Some can develop latent complications as time goes by.

Fortunately, Natalie Driessen, MD offers cosmetic surgical services to patients in the area surrounding Palm Desert, California. Her scope of practice includes breast augmentation revision to help address issues related to poorly positioned implants, asymmetrical breasts, capsular contracture and other potential breast augmentation complications.

After a comprehensive examination, Dr. Driessen can help you understand your treatment options. The method that is best for you will be factored by the specific nature of the problem and your natural body shape as well as your personal preference.
Most breast augmentation revisions can be performed on an outpatient basis. Our doctor will explain any necessary aftercare measures to help you recover comfortably and enjoy the bustline you originally envisioned.

If you are a woman living in the area surrounding Palm Desert, California, and you have been having problems with your breast implants, you should call (760) 773-6616 to set up a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Natalie Driessen.