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As you age, your skin naturally has a reduction in the collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis. When this happens, the skin on your face can start to sag and droop. This also allows fine lines to form in key areas around your face and eyes.

At Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Specialists, our cosmetic surgeon can address these issues with a blepharoplasty or eyelift procedure. This might also be performed in conjunction with a facelift. Having both at the same time can rejuvenate the youthful appearance of your face in one single session.

The eyelift is performed on an outpatient basis, and you will be fully sedated. This means you will need to arrange to have someone drive you home.

Your surgeon will employ careful incisions that follow the natural creases and contours of the skin around your eyes. This greatly reduces any visible scars or lines.  A similar incision strategy will then be used around the lower eyelid to gain access to the fatty deposits under your eyes. The fatty deposits will be removed and the small amount of remaining fat will be sculpted. This will improve the overall contours around the eye and lessen some of the noticeable lines.

It’s not uncommon for there to be a little bruising and swelling for up to a week after the procedure. However, it will diminish in time. If it proves to be significant, Dr. Natalie Driessen might prescribe anti-inflammatory medications, but in most cases the occasional application of cold packs will mitigate the issue.

If you are interested in rejuvenating the alert and youthful appearance of your eyes, you should call Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Specialists at (760) 773-6616 to see if you’re a good candidate for an eye lift in Palm Desert, California.